Oktober 24, 2009

Mystery Spot Exposure Birahi

Success or failure of two beings reach orgasm during lovemaking, starting from a reliable partner whether or not to play his role. If not, just sex he gets shallow. Where the dots "like" it?

Mystery zone "source of pleasure" when making love or someone more familiar with the G-spot always attracts men and women. G-spot is one or several sensitive points which are still a mystery to most men. The reaction is usually caused quite a man wants to find again the source of these pleasures.

The letter G in the G-spot comes from the name of a doctor. Ernst Grafenberg who discovered it in the 1950s. According to the doctor, the G-spot on a woman's body lies in the Miss Ginie the wall top. The area was swollen and usually will produce good responses, so that in some women cause orgasm.

Reaction to the G-spot stimulation, according to the Grafenberg, as written Joel D. Block, Ph.D., at the book Secrets of Better Sex, vary widely. There are some women are very sensitive, too sensitive, or not sensitive at all. So, should a woman as sensitive part menyentu.

One example is always a happy couple after the husband and wife relationship is Dody and Ranti. Although they are blessed with a child, only this time enjoy sex. Before a child, though often making love (ML), had never had an orgasm. In fact, many times. According to Dody, 35-year-old man was, he realized his wife was satisfied after five years of this marriage. "Before I never thought of. Play it play it," said a bank employee this red plate.

But, more Dody, after he read an article of sex, there is a desire for sensitive areas and the G-spot his wife. "If you have been hit by several points, the movement can not control my wife," he said. Dody's words were justified his wife without hesitation. The woman who now works at a foreign insurance company was so pleased when the wall was touched by her husband's pleasures. "I had a great orgasm when my husband played his finger on the G-spot," he said. It also makes her one of this child had never complained about a love affair with her husband.

Before you dig in and start looking for G-spot, remember that your brain and your partner must make a mind filled with love and compassion from the center of orgasm. If you can let your mind freely without feeling overwhelmed, he certainly achieved a very expected pleasure.

Curiosity is the nature of every human being. Similarly, in matters of sex. Almost all men wondered, in fact at the point of it's similarity to women crazy when touched? Now, before you have an adventure to find her erotic zone, make sure you are both in good condition, clean and full of love.

Here are some points that make women become ready to fight when he was "on strike".
1. Thigh
Do not be rude when touching the part that is filled with nerve. Let your fingers dance lightly over the skin of charm.

2. Rear knee
Can not be denied if the area behind the knee into the arena was full of "surrender" themselves women. Because, at this location, all nerve ends in the back of the knee.

3. Buttocks
Convey your message signals when I want to have sex with a partner. Addressed your hands on this area and make sure the he felt the pleasure. For you know, the most sensitive area is at the lower end of the spine and the folds of a meeting between the thighs and buttocks. Perform a variety of movements to provide a different sensation.

4. Neck
Just blowing air around the neck to make your wife swayed. Especially if your hands or lips "play", moose breath sounds. Grasp the neck gently with one hand and the other hand stroking it. Such treatment would make him surrender meekly.

5. Ear
Whisper romantic words in your partner's ear. Tell me if you want romantic passion with her. Do kiss seerotis possible until your wife's back. Take off and see if he moved the body of the erotic.

6. Feet
All day walk to call attention to foot massage. Pamper around the foot, starting from the palm, fingers, until the heel, either way foreplay with a partner.

7. Breasts
This is the first to remember the man from a woman's body. In addition to beautiful shape, this location is very sensitive to stimuli. His form was also frees you to do a touch of any kind. Find out whether your spouse would rather you do it with a soft or a little rough.

8. Wrist
It seems strange that this is one sensitive point woman. But maybe that's why fashion experts suggest that women put perfume on around her wrist. Therefore, there is a sensitive pulse there. He'll be impressed if you explore this area.

9. Genitalia
This places an unnecessary argument. In the area of sexual feelings is the most powerful women when stimulated. Once met his place, even the softest touch that will give a pleasant sensation and unusual. If not met, as usual, was quite an exciting find it?

10. Lips
This is the most sensitive point in a woman's body. Do not miss this bagina just because you are too eager to do exploration in other parts. Therefore, a woman's lips can be manipulated in such a way so that she will feel excited, stimulated, and loved dalamw aktu together. Kissing lips to give everything a woman needs when making connections. Especially when having sex. If you've reached your peak in a kiss, feel the sensation of pleasure. Incredible!

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