November 15, 2009


The word comes from Affiliate Affiliate English meaning; join, bond, or commonly translated as a job or business ties. Meanwhile Reseller can freely interpreted ulang.suatu people who sell products with distribution agreements with pemilikproduk commission.
The system is an affiliate marketing system that is growing rapidly in the world of eCommerce for reliability in most people introducing the product in a short time and with little cost. A company that uses eCommerce affiliate system in its marketing system does not need to pay the employee each month to sell its products. Because the affiliate system, companies pay only for the partners only when the sale of products with the division of profits according to the commission and the employment contract used affiliate systems.
Affiliate program is a partnership program benefit offered by a market society. You will pay consumers if successful 'deliver' one customer to the community as well as an online (Internet) or offline. So-so said such affiliate 'broker' or people involved in the middle of the usual conventional commercial we meet.
Affiliate is a perniagan Siwak F berteraskan partnership benefits offered by a commercial web page owner if you have successfully generate sales for their products.
In other words you only need to promote these products and receive a commission if the campaign being run successfully in the sale.
1. Pay-Per-Sale Affiliate Program
In this Siwak F, we would benefit if someone buys a product through our affiliate link. Ordinary Cotohnya marketed products using this method is the sale or perisian ebook. Usually the profit up 80%. These benefits are usually set by the affiliate merchant. There was also the affiliate merchant that will determine the benefits they pay less than 50%.
2. Recurring Affiliate Program
In a recurring program, affliate merchant would give advantage to our regularly or periodically. Usually these programs are offered to us because it accompanies a product with a monthly fee.
Examples are like web hosting, autoresponder membership or affiliate websites such as classroom Although the benefits received by a small amount, but the program still gives advantages to us. why? This is because, we may receive benefits while customers pay each month. As an example we see affiliate classroom. To accompany this program we need to pay for the products provided each month as much as $ 47. If we want to benefit from what we do, we are just promoting affiliate affiliate link classroom use. Where if a customer likes afffiliate affiliate classroom through our links, we will make a profit every month.
3. Pay Per Lead Affiliate Program
Pay-per-lead type of affiliate program is receiving benefits for any prospects (leads) with certain eligibility we bring to the merchant's website through the affiliate link. Affiliate merchants will decide there any leads that we bring to meet their feasibility set or not.
4. Pay-Per-Click Affiliate Program
Pay-Per-Click Affiliate Program is a unique program. This is because you will get paid when the ad links on your website is clicked by visitors. Some specific people who are willing to pay when their ad link is clicked by a visitor on your website. You only need to provide advertising space on your website for sebegini program.
5. Pay-Per-Search Affiliate Program
Pay-Per-Search Affiliate Program is almost similar to pay-per-click. The only difference is the model alone. Through this program you'll be paid if the visitor on your website looking for a program by using the "search box" that you have put on your website. For more details, you must know the search engines like or Yes, pay-per-search is the same as search engines where this program will make your website as search engines. You need to put the "search box" on your website, if there are visitors to use and click on the links presented, you will receive a fee.
6. Hybrid Programs
Hybrid Programs is where the merchant affiliate programs combine several different payment Affiliate example merchant will offer $ 0.10 each time a website visitor will click on their ad links, and if there are visitors who buy their products, affiliate merchant will pay a 15% profit to you

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