Maret 17, 2010

explore the potential and talent of children

Every child is unique. they each have needs, challenges, and problems. They also have the potential and talents of each. as parents we are obliged to recognize the needs, interests and potential of children to nurture and develop later.
how to treat boys and girls need to be adjusted, So was the speed of learning about a different child who requires special methods, child who learns something because have the internal motivation, enjoys his job and not forced meraa will be more successful than children who perform activities without motivation, simply follow the parents' wishes.
One cause of children 'enjoy' the activity is that activity is in accordance with the potential and talent.
How do I recognize the potential of children?
  1. Introduce children to various activities and professions through the activities of the activities of human conversation, observation, reading a book or direct observation to the location.
  2. Since childhood, and give children a variety of games, while in explaining about the merits. Do not just buy cars or a cap pistol for boys and dolls for girls.
  3. Make time to play as when simulating various professions and human activities. encourage children to play the role as much as possible (so merchants, sailors, firefighters, highway guards, and so should not only just playing doctor or school-college).
  4. Notice when children feel happy, enjoy while doing everyday activities
  5. Consider all aspects of development in him (social, emotional, language, logic and so on, not just intellectual intelligence only)
  6. Do not be quick to give a final assessment on the potential of the child. remember that children grow and to primary schools have not yet fully recognized.
  7. Provide a positive stimulus to the potential that we think is outstanding. for example, take into the forest or plantation when he was very happy with the trees.
  8. Continue refining the potential we have identified without him ignoring other potential undeveloped
  9. Invite talked about everyday activities, things of interest are often told, and his knowledge of it grew as well (encouraged curiosity Ra)
So we as parents must understand the activities of daily child to child development in the future.once we know what the child wants and we as parents will not be confused for children to develop in the growing child's development can be developed to perfection.            

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