Maret 23, 2010

Questioning Skills

Skills to ask a fundamental skill required for the next skill acquisition. To be able to master the skills required to give the strengthening of our already mastered the skills asked in other words we can not master the skills reinforcement member if we have not mastered the skills to ask.
There are four reasons why a teacher needs to master the skills to ask, namely:

  1. Teachers tended to dominate the class with a lecture
  2. Students are not familiar question
  3. Students should be involved in mental-intellectual with a maximum
  4. The assumption that the question only serves to test students' understanding
A good question has many functions, among others:
  1.   Encourage students to think
  2.   Increase student involvement
  3.   Stimulate the students to ask questions
  4.   Diagnose weaknesses of students
  5.   Focusing on one problem students
  6.   To help students express opinions with good language
Basically asking skills can be grouped into two major sections, namely basic skills and the skills to ask follow-up question.
Asked basic skills consist of the components:

  1.   The submission of the question clearly and briefly
  2.   Provision of reference
  3.   The concentration
  4.   Removal of a turn
  5.   Distribution
  6.   Giving time to think
  7.   Provision charges
While asking skills consisted of more components:
  1.   the cognitive demands converter in answering questions
  2.   Self-sequence question
  3.   Use of tracer question
  4.   Increased interaction
Asking skills in applying basic and advanced, a teacher needs to consider the following principles:
  1. The warmth and enthusiasm
  2. Avoid the habit of repeating myself the question, answering his own question,
  3. answer the question himself, asking questions that invite an answer in unison, repeating the answers to students, asking multiple questions.
  4. And pointing students before asking questions
  5. When thinking is given to the question more advanced than that provided for the basic-level questions
  6. The central question should be arranged prior dahuli, and then assessed after the completion of teaching

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